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Our final goal is tomeet yourrequirements in the best way. Competitive prices and the qualityof our servicesare our primary objectives.


All our rates arecompletely free of obligations. 


A rate is designedto give you thenecessary information regarding the price and allother useful information. Prices are exclusive ofVAT21%.

The price ofatranslation iscalculated according tothese included factors:

Number of words
Language Combination(source and target language)
Nature of the text(difficulty)

For most of the European languages, this is the price indication:

€ 0,12/par mot (la langue source)

The finalprice depends onthe detailsof the assignment. For largeordersyou may alwaysconvenientlycount on a discountup to 40%.

The minimum invoice amount is € 75 excl. VAT, excl. legalizations / certifications.




Questions et devis gratuit:


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Website:     www.vertaal-bureaus.be


MObile:      +32 (0) 476 771 878






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